1st – 4th August 2017

Whether it be a 48hr stop over, a long weekend or a place you stay to live and work Singapore is a country that everyone wants to visit, so when planning my trip from Australia back home I knew I just couldn’t miss it out.

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Catch ya straya

31st July 2017

Well I can’t actually quite believe it but today is my last day in Australia! I have been here 1 whole year now and the time has just flown by. Living here has not been easy by any means, in fact it’s probably been the hardest year of my life but also one of the best so for that I can’t really complain! I am leaving with so many memories, heaps of new experiences, friends for life and also the happiest and healthiest that I’ve ever felt so thank you Australia you’ve been a blast.

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Life on a strawberry farm

30th March – Present

It’s my 10th week out in country Australia in the tiny little town of Stanthorpe and life isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. For those of you that don’t know, in order to obtain a second year working holiday visa you must complete 88 days of regional work, which for me means working day in day out at a local strawberry farm, but first let me take you back to the start…

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