A warm christmas

25th December 2016

One thing I was not looking particularly looking forward to this year was Christmas – unlike many others who were excited by the thought of spending Christmas on the beach it just didn’t appeal to me. I know that this sounds insane but to me Christmas is just not Christmas without cold weather, roaring fires, mugs of hot chocolate, eating way too much food and spending it with your friends and family. Despite this we did end up having a really fun day down at the beach IT JUST DIDN’T FEEL LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!
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Life down under – Melbourne

30th July – who knows? 

Hi everyone! Just a quick update – we landed in Melbourne nearly 2 weeks ago, had a bit of a disaster with accommodation (which is now sorted) and done a whole lot of sitting around – who knew job hunting could be so boring?! We now both have jobs in the city which means we will be staying here in Melbourne for a while! Our plan  is to stay here to work and save money and then travel up the east coast on a tour with G-Adventures, maybe squeeze in some farm work and then fly home to the UK.

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25th – 30th July 2016

Our time in Christchurch was pretty quiet as the city has still not recovered from the devastating effects of the 2011 earthquake and won’t have until at least 2025! People used to stay in Christchurch for up to 4 nights as there was so much to do but now they only stay a couple of nights at most. We ended up staying 5 nights because of how our flight to Australia fell and it was ok but there really isn’t a lot to do!
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