The move to Sunshine Coast

6th June 2017 – Present

Ok so as you all know from my last post the strawberry season in Stanthorpe had come to an end so we were going to be moving to the other farm up on Sunshine Coast to carry on our farm work and complete our sign off days. With 53 days down and only 35 to go we thought things were looking up, but boy were we wrong…

The journey from Stanthorpe to Caloundra took around 9 hours, consisted of a taxi, coach, train, bus and car and cost around $100 so it’s safe to say we hadn’t had the best of days but when we finally pulled up outside our new home we were blown away! Set right on Currimundi Lake and just a 10 minute walk from the beach, the house the 9 of us have rented is beautiful! Only hours after settling in and begining to look forward to what Sunshine Coast had to offer did we get the news that we no longer had jobs…

Cut a long story short the managers decided that they would rather take workers through a contractor over people like us who had already worked at the other farm, turned up every day and worked our arses off for months on end (can you tell I’m still annoyed about this…?) so yeah we were jobless.

It’s actually all worked out for the best as two days later we were all employed again at an even better farm with much better opportunities and it’s been plain sailing ever since! As I’m writing this I am on day 83 and only have 2 weeks left on my visa before I leave Australia and head back to Asia!

Life on Sunshine Coast has been completely different from Stanthorpe. I’m so glad I got to experience life out in the country but living on Sunshine Coast is amazing. Even though it’s winter the weather is still beautiful. We quite often go to the beach on our days off or after work which is heaven. The beach has surf and paddles boards for hire so I think next weekend if the weather is nice we might hire some which will be fun.

​Most weekends we get everyone over for a big BBQ and lots of drinks – after working so hard it is nice to get everyone round, chill out and have some fun. We are all working on strawberry farms so when we all get together the conversation usually revolves around strawberries which is actually pretty sad but strawberries have become our life!!!

Having the car has given us so much freedom, something we didn’t really have in Stanthorpe so we have definitely been making the most of it. Recently we did a day trip to Noosa which was sooo much fun and only 2 days ago we visited the famous Australia Zoo – blogs on both to follow!

Well that’s pretty much all I have to update you on and as I said strawberries really have become my life so I won’t bore you on the ins and outs of work but as my time in Australia is coming to an end I do have quite a few blogs that I will uploading soon that are far more interesting!


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