Cairns P2

19th – 29th March 2017

So after a busy few days and the end of the tour it was time for some much needed relaxation. The plan? Head down to the lagoon on the esplanade safe from crocs and stingers to chill out and catch some rays.

The Cairns lagoon is massively popular and the perfect way to relax, cool off, meet up with friends and take in the beautiful views of Trinity Inlet and the mountains that line the horizon. We spent most of saturday there and it soon became our go to place each day. Saturday evening we arranged to meet up with James and Max who I lived with back in Melbourne and went for a few drinks with some of the people still in Cairns from our tour. A few drinks turned into a few too many and not surprisingly the drama followed – James if your reading this I thought it would be best to keep this story untold ha ha ha…

Sunday was spent down at the lagoon again and then me and the girls headed out for some food at a lovely little Italian restaurant on the esplanade. Afterwards we headed to the night market to pick up a few souveniers and then straight to the pub for a couple of drinks.

Monday had (unfortunately) arrived meaning it was the girls last day before they flew home on Tuesday. Originally we had all planned to do the Mission Beach Skydive together but due to time running out and also money we decided to save it for another trip which was a shame but with it costing nearly $400 it just wasn’t going to happen. We spent another morning down at the lagoon and then headed to a really yummy mexican for lunch. Full from the most delicious burritos you will ever try we decided to mix up the afternoon a little. We made our way over to the Reef Casino, also home to a small zoo (crazy right?) and got ready to hold some koalas! It was something we had all wanted to do and that everyone associates with going to Australia so it was pretty cool to get to do it! For our last evening all together in aus we went for dinner down on the esplanade at a healthy burger bar called Grill’d and then sat in the bar at our hostel (gilligans) listening to some live music. We had had such a crazy few week travelling up the east coast it was really nice to have a few chilled out days/evenings to finish off the trip.

Tuesday morning was horrible having to say goodbye to the girls as I really wished they could of stayed out here with me but after waving them off in a taxi not even an hour later I had a call to say that they were on their way back as their flights had been messed up and they now weren’t due to fly until the following day! As annoying as it was for them it was nice to have them back for another night! The following day we said goodbye again (this time for real) as they headed for the airport and flew back home to the U.K.

It was finally time for me to face reality – the holiday was over and now I needed to find work again and quickly before my money ran out. My previous job in Australia was, as most of you know, in Melbourne at a company called Mettler Toledo where I ended up working for 6 months. This time round however things we’re going to be a little different. In order to apply for a second year visa you have to do 88 days of regional work which most people will complete by taking on some sort of farming work. I spent the next week searching high and low for work (and also sunbathing at the lagoon each day ha ha) and a few offers came my way but nothing I was interested in. I did eventually find something (I will tell you all about it in my next post) which meant my time in Cairns had come to an end.

On Wednesday the 29th I left for the airport and flew down to Brisbane – we had the most amazing flight out of Cairns as we flew right down over the Great Barrier Reef which was so incredible to see from the air! We arrived in Brisbane a few hours later and decided to stay the night before getting the bus out to the farm the following day…

Let the next adventure begin!



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