Myella Farm & Emu Park

11th – 13th March 2017

After Fraser Island set the bar so high Myella farm had a lot to live up to for me to be impressed, but, thankfully it did!

It was a pretty long drive out to the farm which meant we had a few stops along the way, one of them at a really cute little town called Gin Gin. We stopped here for lunch and at Ant’s recommendation went to a little cafe / bakery to try a pie – I had a steak and onion which tasted so good!

Afterwards we went to have a look around the shops and found a cute little hippy store selling lots of quirky bits and bobs. The woman in the store was soooo lovely (although a little crazy) and because we were from the U.K like her she gave us a tie die stubby holder each and also didn’t charge Sophie for what she was going to buy as she couldn’t be bothered to put it through on the card machine! Moments like that are why I love travelling so much, you come away with so many memories and stories to tell I think it’s amazing.

After leaving Gin Gin it took another 4 hours until we reached Myella. Once we arrived we were instantly made to feel at home by the lovely family that work and live on the farm. We got stuck in straight away helping to feed the chickens and learning how to milk the cows. We were also introduced to some of the other animals. First the day old calf who was sooo cute and her mum, then the 2 kangaroos that live on the farm, Roxy and Bungee and then the 2 parrots Pink Floyd and Harry who could both speak! I also saw my first snake whilst we were out milking the cows as a green tree snake came slithering through the shed and caused quite a bit of chaos!

After getting to meet and interact with all the animals we finally left them in peace and headed down to sunset point, to as you probably guessed, watch the sunset. Sunsets are one of my favourite things to do and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. It was such a perfect moment, one that no camera can truly capture and getting to share it with the girls made it even more special. Once the sun had set behind the hills we made our way back to the farm for the most exciting part of the day yet – dinner! We were served a feast – beef, fresh from the farm, vegetables, potatoes and for pudding apple crumble and custard. It was delicious.

After dinner the boys went off cane toad whacking – cane toads are a huge pest in Australia so the farm love you to go out and ‘get rid of them’. I went to watch for all of 2 minutes and then ran away after seeing the first one go splat but the boys who decided they were doing a service to Australia stayed at it for over an hour and filled a whole bucket… Afterwards a group of us jumped in the pool where we spent the rest of the evening chilling with a few drinks.

The next morning people went off to do their chosen activity either dirt biking or horse riding. Me, Sophie and Soraya chose not to do either so instead spent the morning lazing around in the hammocks, getting ‘that’ kangaroo selfie, walking around the farm and seeing all the animals again. We also jumped in the back of the jeeps for a tour around the farm with the dirt bikers which was really fun.

Sadly our time at Myella had come to and end and after a lovely lunch of cold meat, salad, pasta and freshly laid eggs we were back on the bus heading to our next destination Emu Park.

Our journey north took us through Rockhampton and across the Tropic of Capricorn meaning we were officially in croc territory. It didn’t take long to get to Emu which left us with a couple of hours to lay around by the pool before we had to all meet for the aboriginal experience.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from this experience but it turned out to be quite a fun, interactive afternoon. It started with the guys performing their traditional tribes dance to us whilst the other one played the didgeridoo. Afterwards their dad spoke to us about their history and where they came from which was really interesting. We then were all given a choice of animals and had to paint one on our hands or arms. They then took us outside and showed us the dances for each animal which we then had to have a go at doing. Then we learnt how to throw a boomerang (which I was completely useless at) before going back inside for the final activity. We were each given a wooden stick and after hearing about their culture and tradition of painting and story telling we each had to create our own paintings on the stick which told our story. I painted my family with a plane and dotted trail showing my journey after leaving home and also people that I have met along the way. At the end they went round to choose the winner which was me (first time in my life I have ever won anything – go me) and they gave me a hand painted boomerang as a prize which was really cool.

That evening we chilled out at the hostel and had a BBQ and some drinks. Once the bar had closed a few of us decided to head down to the beach for a few more drinks. On the way Soraya spotted a snake curled up in the grass but we didn’t hang around to find out if it was poisonous or not!!

We were all super excited the next morning as it was finally time to head to Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays where we would be sailing around and staying for the next 3 nights.


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