New Years in Sydney P2

1st – 4th January 2017

So after the most amazing evening for New Years we still had 4 days left in Sydney which only meant more time to explore and that is exactly what we did.

Day 5 didn’t exactly go to plan – we were supposed to be catching the train out to the Blue Mountains however, when we arrived at the station the next train wasn’t due for another hour and it was a 2 hour journey anyway meaning we would have wasted half the day before even getting there. Instead we decided to catch the ferry over to Manly which turned out to be a pretty good idea.

Jean was already staying on Manly and had found a really nice coastal walk which we decided to do. We started from Manly Beach and made our way along the coastal path to Shelly Beach which forms part of Cabbage Tree Bay – a protected marine reserve. From here we followed the slowly ascending pathway up into the bushland of Sydney Harbour National Park onto North Head. Along the way we came across many vantage points with beautiful views back over Manly Beach (even though it was cloudy it was still ridiculously hot).

From here we made our way along the track through North Head and the Barracks Precinct out to the Memorial Walk before looping back along the same path and heading back to Manly Beach. The walk was roughly 15km and took us around 4 hours to complete but we were in no rush and took the long way back (if you follow the road back it is much quicker). We had a really lovely afternoon on Manly and I definitely want to head back in March with my friends to explore some more. On the ferry back to the city we had the most amazing views of the Sydney skyline and even though it started to rain there was no chance in hell I was going to miss it by going inside.


Manly Beach


Cabbage Tree Bay



View over Manly Beach









Day 6 me and Daniel met Kirsty and Kathryn at Central Station and caught the 2 hour train out to the Blue Mountains. If you go on a Sunday travel is capped at $2.50 meaning the whole journey there and back will cost no more than, you guessed it…$2.50 which is why we had wanted to go the day before but ended up missing the train, however it did only cost us around $10 anyway which wasn’t bad at all.

We jumped off the train at Katoomba which is where most of the big attractions are near and made the short walk down to Echo Point to see the Three Sisters – you can catch a bus down but we were feeling active that day (or cheap, whatever way you want to look at it ha ha). From here we followed the trail down to Katoomba Falls which are hidden down below Katoomba Park, stopping at some lookouts along the way. We stopped for a quick lunch break before making our way to the Furber Steps trail. We descended the stairs down through the valley past cascading waterfalls and  incredible lookout points but it quickly dawned on us that the further we went down the further it was going to be on the way up and there were alot of steps.

There is a scenic railway and cable car which will take you back to the top but for $19 we were going to walk! On the way back up people were literally laughing at us and telling us good luck… well we made it and it wasn’t even that bad so ha! On our way back to the station we took a quick detour to Honeymoon Lookout but it wasn’t very impressive as there were so many trees in the way! After another 2 hour train journey back into the city I was well and truly knackered but very happy having ticked another thing off my Sydney Bucket List.




Echo Point


The Three Sisters





The beginning of Furbers Stairs


Halfway down


The bottom!


Honeymoon Lookout

Day 7 was our last full day in Sydney and was the perfect opportunity for me to squeeze in some more sightseeing. We headed back down to Circular Quay and made our way to The Rocks for lunch. The Rocks is a historic area located close to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House with lots of little cobbled laneways, cafes and pubs. We chose to eat at a cafe called Playfair who do the best milkshakes and sandwiches! After lunch we headed back along the harbour where I took more photos of the Opera House (because you can never get enough, I took nearly 200 of it alone) and then went for a nice cold beer at the Quay Bar.

That evening we decided to splash out a little and treated ourselves to a few cocktails at the Opera Bar before going out to a silent disco at Scary Canary a popular club in Sydney. We couldn’t have planned a better night if we had tried, it was the perfect way to finish off our time in Sydney.












Day 8, our last day in Sydney :(. We were up surprisingly early and with no hangover in sight we packed our bags and said goodbye to the others (James, Jean & Max) as they were not coming back to Melbourne with us so it was the last time that we would see them. With the goodbyes out the way me and Daniel dropped our bags off at Central Station where we would be catching our bus that evening and made our way into the city for lunch. We decided to go back to the cafe we had been to the previous day at the Rocks as it was just sooo good. With still quite a lot of time to kill until our bus that evening we went and sat in the Botanical Gardens for the afternoon where we ended up seeing a wedding take place which was really cool! I headed round the harbour one last time for a few more pictures (as if I didn’t have enough already) before we made our way back to Central Station ready to catch our bus back to Melbourne.





I was so sad to be leaving Sydney as I had the most amazing time, met the most amazing people and made the most amazing memories. I am now officially on countdown (52 days) to when I will be flying back in March to meet my best friends who I will get to travel the east coast with.

Until next time Sydney!







3 thoughts on “New Years in Sydney P2

  1. Pam Moorlen says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post as I could relate to many of the places you visited. My memories date back over 30 years. I totally admire you for embarking on this adventure so young. All good wishes on the rest of your tour and keep the blog coming!!


    • nataliewinn1 says:

      Sydney is such an amazing place I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but everyone I speak to, even people who haven’t been for years all say how wonderful it is and now I can see why!
      I’m so glad that I decided to do it, its been the best decision I have ever made!
      I do remember you – Gran will sometimes say that she has heard from you and that you are really enjoying reading my blogs which is really nice of you!


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