The Grampians National Park

29th October 2016

Having been in Melbourne for a good three months but never venturing further than the outskirts of the CBD it was time for a change, and this change was the Grampians National Park…

With the weather looking good we only had one thing to do – find a car rental. We decided to go with Europcar as they were the cheapest company we could find, however, we did end up spending more money than anticipated due to a few extra costs but all in all it cost $190, so just under $50 each including 2 young driver charges and insurance.

Once we had picked up the car we set off on a three hour drive to the Grampians. Getting out of the city wasn’t easy and resulted in a few wrong turns plus a few arguments but once we were out it was plain sailing. The buildings dropped away, the skies cleared and the traffic thinned – it felt like the city was a million miles away.

It felt like we were the only ones around for miles as we hardly passed any cars except for when we drove through Ballarat and Ararat. With a lot of ground to cover we didn’t stop much except to take a few photos and because as normal we can never do anything properly none of us realised that in all the pictures we were taking was the bloody car…



We arrived at the tourist village Halls Gap situated in the heart of the Grampians around lunchtime and headed down to the lake to eat.



After lunch we headed back to the Wonderland car park to begin a 7km return trek up to the Pinnacle. The climb was pretty hard and at times I was tempted to give up and go back but not wanting to miss out on the spectacular views we carried on and finally reached the top a little over 2 hours later.





No words can describe the moment we were greeted with this view…




We spent a while at the top completely mesmerized by the view – I was absolutely petrified of going anywhere near the edge but managed to shuffle near enough in order to get a picture! Jean on the other hand was jumping and dancing right on the edge, it made my stomach turn!





So, as usual nothing ever goes to plan and nearly three quarters of the way down we realised we had taken a wrong turn and were now on the complete wrong side of the canyon and to our car. As we were all in complete despair at the thought of trekking all the way back to the car a couple of girls I had been speaking to appeared so we rushed over and asked if they could drive Daniel back to the car which luckily they were more than happy to do – problem solved!

Once back at the right car park we headed to the shops for a few drinks and went and had them down in a little picnic area which was heavenly after doing so much walking in the heat.


As we were walking back to the car to get ready to leave we spotted some kangaroos!!! We had seen a couple at the beginning of our trek but they were mostly hidden in the trees whereas this time they were there right in front of us!


We hadn’t realised but there were loads of campsites dotted around and we were saying it would have been really nice to stay the night and have a BBQ so it was a shame that we had to head back to the city that night but never mind, maybe next time! We all had such a good day and it was so nice to get out of the city and remind ourselves why we are here and the things that we have to look forward too once we have saved up and are back on the road.

As summer is finally starting to appear we have planned another little road trip for the end of November which may involve a few nights camping which will be really exciting so keep an eye out to see what I get up too!


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