Life down under – Melbourne

30th July – who knows? 

Hi everyone! Just a quick update – we landed in Melbourne nearly 2 weeks ago, had a bit of a disaster with accommodation (which is now sorted) and done a whole lot of sitting around – who knew job hunting could be so boring?! We now both have jobs in the city which means we will be staying here in Melbourne for a while! Our plan  is to stay here to work and save money and then travel up the east coast on a tour with G-Adventures, maybe squeeze in some farm work and then fly home to the UK.

So as I said the past two weeks have been pretty boring as we haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money without having jobs but we have managed to fit in some sight seeing…

South bank – A walk along here day or night is a must do whilst in Melbourne. There’s a whole load of bars and restaurants with great views of the city and theres also the casino at the crown entertainment complex which is supposed to be really good for a night out.

Melbourne Museum – located in Carlton  Gardens it is a natural and cultural museum with tons of information about Melbourne’s past and also a themed exhibition – currently Jurassic World. It is also home to the IMAX cinema where we saw Suicide Squad.

Queen Victoria  Market and Winter Night Market – open everyday except Tuesday the southern hemispheres largest open air market is not something you want to miss out on – from fruit, veg and meat to boutique pop ups there is something for everyone. Until August 31st a weekly winter night market is being held every Wednesday from 5-10pm, head down and weave through the bustling crowds past crackling fires and live performers, eat at one of the 30 street food vendors or simply chill out with a glass of mulled wine. Whilst at the night market a few weeks ago we brought some  Sri Lankan street food which was delicious.

Federation Square – recently named as the 6th best public square in the world it is home to an array of bars, cafes, restuarants and more. We have been over to Fed Square a few times now either just passing through as its right on our doorstep or to watch some of the olympics up on the big screen.

Old Melbourne Gaol – Built in the mid 1800’s the old gaol was used to hold petty offenders, the mentally ill and dangerous criminals.The gaol was open for 87 years before closing in 1929 and saw around 133 hangings. You are free to explore the gaol and read about what life was like for men and women who were locked up there. We visited with Juilette a friend we met in New Zealand and spent the morning reading about Melbournes dark past. Afterwards we had a 30 minute experience being locked up in the cells next door which was interesting to say the least!


Brighton Beach – The three of us caught the train down to Brighton and had a walk along the beach front to see the colourful bathing boxes. It was pretty cold when we went but in the summer its a perfect spot to spend a day on the beach. We carried on walking further down the beach and were met with beautiful views of the Melbourne skyline.


AFL Game – Another thing on the to-do list was to go and see an aussie rules football game. Me, Daniel and Joe a guy from our hostel headed down to Melbourne cricket ground to watch the Hawthorns vs North Melbourne. Whilst in the queue to get our tickets a lady came over and gave us three free tickets – we have no idea why but we wernt going to say no!


City Cirle Tram – a chance to see some of the sights in Melboure for free on the old heritage trams.

There is still so much to do here in Mellbs and seeing as we will be here for the next few months im sure we will get a chance to try and do it all!


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