Seminyak and Sanur

19th – 26th June 2016

We arrived in Seminyak mid afternoon and checked into our hotel ‘Seminyak Point’ just a 10 minute walk from the beach. As everyone was flying out that evening they left all their cases in our room for the day.

We had a walk down to the beach to see what it was like and none of us were massively impressed. It was nice but with all the massive hotels and the average beach you could have been anywhere in the world. We had a slow walk back to the hotel and got dinner at a little bar next door. It was hillarious and summed up our holiday in Bali – Alison’s starter and main came out before anyone had even got starters. Slowly the rest of our starters started to come out in random batches and at long last our mains, bar Mum’s and Alan’s, which came out eventually. About 9.30 it was time for everyone to leave us and head to the airport before flying back to the UK. It was sad to see everyone go and a shame they couldn’t all continue on with us but I’m so glad they were able to come out and that we all got to experience Bali together.

On Monday Daniel headed down to the beach to meet up with his old boss and I spent the day sorting out my bag and laying by the pool. That evening we went back to the restaurant from the previous night and it was a completely different experience – all our food was on time and in the right order! After dinner we walked down to the beach to meet with Daniels old boss Steve again and go out for drinks. We spent the night on the beach, drinking, dancing and getting very drunk, it was a lot of fun until the next day… We woke up and realised we had left our shoes on the beach so ran down to find them – we asked in the bar and they said they didn’t have them but they did have our room key… whooooops!

After leaving Steve and going back to our hotel we spent the morning laying around feeling very very hungover before getting a taxi over to Sanur to our hotel ‘The Griya Sanur’ where we would be staying until our flight to New Zealand on the Sunday.

Our time in Sanur was very quiet and relaxed, we took the time to get our washing done and sort our bags out ready for New Zealand. We did however decide to do some diving to some spectacular spots. On Friday we were picked up from our hotel by Crystal Divers and taken up to Tulumben to do a wall dive and the famous Liberty Shipwreck which was amazing.

The following day Daniel decided to go out on another two dives to a site just out from Padangbai. I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed back at the hotel and made good use of the wifi by watching Harry Potter ha ha!

Sunday was our last day in Bali and guess what… it rained all day! We spent the morning having a walk around the town and the afternoon stuck inside the hotel which was a shame but before we knew it it was time to jump in a taxi and head to the airport!

Well that is the end of our SE Asian adventure, I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, however, it’s not the end yet!

I am currently in New Zealand for the next 6 weeks and then will be heading to Australia where I have a years working visa, so keep reading to find out what I get up too in my next adventure!


10 thoughts on “Seminyak and Sanur

  1. Alan says:

    Glad you have had such a great time in Asia and I hope it continues when you are in New Zealand, Marion and I had a lovely time when we visited her sister and husband in New Zealand on 2 occasions. Keep enjoying yourselves and I am still envious of you both. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • nataliewinn1 says:

      I hope so too, it’s already proving to be incredible so I’m sure the next 5 weeks will be also.

      Where abouts in New Zealand did you go? It’s such a beautiful country.

      Thanks, will keep you all updated x


      • Alan says:

        The first time we went was at Xmas in 2001 when Marion’s sister lived in New Plymouth but it was not like Xmas at all while we were there as there were very few decorations, we said we missed not being at home for Xmas and would not do it again at that time of year. I remember visiting Rotorua where it smells of Sulphur (like a stink bomb) and doing white water rafting which was very thrilling. The next time we went was in January 2004 when they lived in the outskirts of Auckland, we also visited the South Island and stopped at Queenstown and Christchurch, Queenstown was so beautiful. I remember going to a place called Mount Maunganui in the bay of plenty which the view was very pretty when you got to the top. I just wish I could remember all the other things we did there, we should have made a blog while we were there. Have a great time. X


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