Koh Samui

25th – 28th May 2016

After a crappy few days on Koh Phangan we couldn’t wait to leave and get across to Koh Samui (especially as we were expecting the police to turn up at our hotel any second and fine us for the whole ‘search party’ thing the day before!) As our ferry pulled away we stuck two fingers up to Koh Phangan and didn’t look back…

We arrived on Koh Samui 50 minutes later and jumped in a taxi to ‘Koh Samui Hostel’ which only cost 100 bhat each opposed to the taxi drivers on the pier who were charging 300-400 each! The hostel was really nice and only a road back from the beach. Rather than walking for 10 minutes to get there you can cut through the big expensive hotels (they do let you!) which makes it about a 2 minute walk and the beach is much quieter!

After doing practically nothing on Koh Phangan we were determined to cram in as much as possible on Koh Samui. Luckily our hostel had loads of tours available to book and we found a 6 hour tour round the island for only 450 bhat which included pick up and drop off from your hotel. With not much else to do we headed out for dinner before walking down to Ark Bar for a few drinks on the beach.

The next morning we were up early ready for our island tour. First we stopped at the Plai Laem and Jao Mae Kuan Im temples and then went on to the Big Bhudda where me and Lauren got blessed by a monk which was pretty cool!

Our next stop was a viewpoint overlooking Chaweng beach. We were a bit hesitant to be going to another viewpoint after the last one went so spectacularly wrong but we were happy when we pulled up in the mini van right next to it meaning we only had to walk a few steps haha! The view was amazing and I imagine on a day with no clouds it would be even better!

Next up were the grandmother and grandfather rocks. Honestly they were nothing special but the coconut ice cream they sell there was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

After the rocks we stopped at a little place where they show you how the monkeys used to help the coconut farmers by climbing up the trees and throwing down the coconuts. Then they showed us how they traditionally used to cut up and grind the coconuts – we got to try some and it was quite nice! We also brought some coconut oil from them which smelt amazing.

From the coconut place we drove inland to the Namuang Waterfall which is located in a sort of nature park. We had just over an hour here and not wanting to ride the elephants or get pictures with any tigers we headed straight for the waterfall itself.

Next we stopped in Nathon Town for lunch and to do some shopping. The shops weren’t massively impressive but sold some really cute little souvenirs. We also found a coffee shop that was selling iced coffee for only 25 bhat (50p) and it was the best iced coffee I have ever had!

The last stop on our tour was the Mumified Monk at Wat Khunaram. It is a well known monk who passed away in 1973 while meditating in a seated position. His body is now displayed in a glass cabinet and even after 40 years his body shows very little signs of decay. It was a bit weird especially as he had modern day sunglasses on which made it almost comical but still pretty cool I guess!

The next morning for the first time in days the sun was out with a gorgeous blue sky so we headed straight to the beach for our final day in Koh Samui. We spent the day sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, it was heaven.

After dinner we decided as it was our last night we wanted to try out one of the cabaret shows. It’s free to get in but then the cheapest drink is 390 bhat so it effectively covers your entry. I personally think they should charge 300 bhat for entry and then have normal priced drinks as paying 390 bhat for a beer feels outrageous! Anyway the show itself was really fun with some really comical parts! As we missed the first part of the first show we stayed for the second show as well which was actually much better!

The next morning I had to say bye to Lauren as she was flying back to the UK and I was carrying on back to Koh Tao to do my open water diving qualification. We had such an amazing two weeks in Thailand, I’m so glad she came out to see me it was so much fun 💜


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