Koh Phangan

20th – 25th May 2016

Our main reason for going to Koh Phangan was the Full Moon Party and having read loads of things about hostels being broken into and peoples stuff being stolen we decided months ago to book a really nice resort just a short walk away (but far enough so that nothing would get stolen) from the Haad Rin beach where the FMP is. Our ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan took about an hour and a half and we were so excited to check into our hotel!

We got a Songthaew from the pier down to Haad Rin which only cost us 100 bhat each…result! When we got dropped off outside Buri Beach we literally couldn’t believe how nice it was, it felt like we were checking into a 5* resort. Buri is right on the beach and has two swimming pools – one on the beach and one a little further back in the resort. Our bungalow was by the second pool but still only a 30 second walk to the beach. We had teas, coffees and waters brought to our room each morning when they came to change the beds, toiletries in the bathroom, a little balcony and a really comfy bed 😍 We have been staying in some really nice hostels but it was so nice to have our own room for a change and a little bit of luxury #itsthelittlethings . Seconds after putting our bags in the room we were straight in the pool where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon.

We woke up Saturday so excited as it was the day of the Full Moon Party!! We spent the day lounging around by the pool with a quick trip out to the shops to purchase our full moon t-shirts and paint then it was back to the pool until the evening when it was time to get ready. We sat on our balcony with a few drinks covering ourselves in paint and funny hashtags until about 11pm when we walked down to the Haad Rin beach ready to party! It cost 100 bhat to get onto the beach and they gave us a cool wristband too! We didn’t take our phones out with us so we have no pictures of the party itself but it was INSANE. All the bars played different types of music so we danced our way up and down the beach with thousands of people into the early hours of the morning with the help of a few buckets and then headed back to our cosy little bungalow to sleep off the hangovers.

As you’ve probably guessed the next day was pretty much a write off and I don’t think we got out of bed until about 3ish which is when we then moved to the pool for the rest of the day before heading to the beach for the sunset.


Unfortunately the next day we had to check out of Buri beach but having heard really good things about Coral Bungalows which was literally next door and only £6 a night we decided to move across for 2 nights until our ferry to Koh Samui on the Wednesday, and this is where my hatred for Koh Phangan begun…

We left Buri in the scorching sun and brilliant blue skies and within walking 50m next door to Coral Bungalows the skies had changed to grey, the wind picked up and the rain began. Don’t get me wrong there was nothing wrong with Coral but having just come from Buri it was a massive downgrade and with the weather being so rubbish we were stuck inside what I can only describe as a prison cell – we were so bored we sat and made a deck of cards with a notebook and pen and played ‘bullshit’ for the next few hours. We had also made a list of things we wanted to do, two of them being snorkelling and the inflatable assault course out in the sea – we couldn’t find any reasonably priced snorkelling trips so that was out of the question and you could only use the assault course if you brought a package ticket which we didn’t want to do (oh and because of the storm all the power was out so we couldn’t use it anyway) so that was both of those plans out the window. By about 4pm we were so bored and with no sign of the storm passing we went down to the bar for dinner and a few drinks.

We got speaking to the bar man who told us we could do a cooking classe in the kitchen (which was on our list of things to do) for only 100 bhat each whereas everywhere else were asking for at least 1500 bhat! We jumped at the chance as we were so bored and desperate for somthing to do but it was too late in the day so we agreed we would do one the next day after  we got back from our walk to the viewpoint (which is actually a whole other story in itself and you can read about in my next blog post). He also told us about their tattoo studio and Daniel decided he was going to get a bamboo tattoo and Lauren wanted to get hers gone over so we agreed we would do that the following evening too. We thought things were starting to look up a bit even though the weather was so crap but we couldn’t have been more wrong…


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