Back to Bangkok – same same but different

14th – 16th May 2016

As Thailand now only gives you a 15 day free visa at land borders and 30 day free visa when you arrive by air we decided to fly back to Bangkok which actually turned out to be much cheaper and easier and it also meant that it was easier to meet Lauren as she was flying in the same day. We flew with a budget airline called Thai Smile and they were amazing! We landed about half 10 so sat around in the airport waiting for Lauren’s flight to land at 3.

Finally 3pm came and I was reunited with my best friend after 8 long weeks 💚 We jumped straight in a taxi and made our way to the hostel. If you ever need to get a taxi from Bangkok airport don’t get a prepaid one – the first time we were in Bangkok we paid 1,200 bhat to the Khao San road and this time we took a metered taxi and it was 400 bhat!

We dropped our bags off in the room and headed out to get dinner at a restaurant just behind Khao San. After dinner we had a wander through all the little back streets and down Khao San before me and Lauren decided we wanted to get pedicures ready for the islands which only cost 300 bhat (£6) and Daniel got a Thai massage.

After our pedicures and massage we went out for a ‘few’ drinks which turned into ‘alot’ of drinks before heading back to the hostel for MORE drinks up on the roof. Safe to say it was a good night until we woke up the next morning feeling rough. Oh and we tried a scorpion… evidence below.

The next morning we took a taxi boat down the river to go and see Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Completely forgetting about having to cover our legs and shoulders we weren’t allowed in until the afternoon but a really nice security man called a tuk tuk driver over and told him to take us to see the Black Bhudda and Golden Mount and then bring us back to Wat Pho for only 100 bhat.

After our tuk tuk driver dropped us back at Wat Pho we went to get an iced coffee and cool down before going in. Unfortunately we didn’t end up going in as it was so hot, I’m talking 47 degrees and Lauren wasn’t feeling great so we decided to get a tuk tuk back to the hostel and get out the heat for a bit. We booked our bus and boat tickets to Koh Tao for the following evening and went out for dinner.

Monday the weather wasn’t great so we chilled out in the hostel, Daniel got his hair cut and we grabbed some street food for lunch. We went for dinner at about 5 just opposite the place where we needed to catch our bus down to the islands and all had a really nice Thai curry. At last it was time to get on the bus, somthing that is never straight forward out here, but eventually we were all on and ready to go. The bus left at 7pm and drove throughout the night until 4am when we arrived in Chumpon where we had to wait until 7am for the ferry…


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