Nha Trang

5th – 7th May 2016

We arrived in Nha Trang Thursday morning and got a taxi from the train station to our dorm. We booked to stay in Mozjo Dorm as we had heard amazing things and it definitely did not disappoint!!! As we arrived at about 8.30am we were not able to check in but we were able to leave our big bags in the storage room out the back. They have beds and a shower for anyone who isn’t able to check in until later or for people who have checked out and are waiting for onward transport. We were also given a bottle of water and banana each. We had only been there a matter of 5 minutes and the girls on reception had come over to ask our names (they will without a doubt remember them and address you by your name for the duration of your stay) and give us maps of the area and recommendations of things to do and see. I would honestly go back to Nha Trang just for the hostel alone – it was by far the best I have stayed in and I would seriously recommend it to anyone going to Nha Trang.

The girls at the hostel reccomended ‘Iced Coffee’ as a good place to get breakfast – oh my god it was amazing! We got a cookie caramel cooler which was insane and a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). We decided to walk down to the Ocean Aquarium…on the map it looked like a 20 minute walk (we had been told to get the no.4 bus but thinking we knew better we decided to walk) An hour and a half later and many arguments we reached the aquarium literally about to die from the heat and exhaustion. After all that it turned out to be crap; it was a few tiny tanks with way too many animals inside. Thank the Lord it only cost 30,000 dong (less than £1). We got the BUS back to our hostel and checked in.

On our way back from the aquarium we had seen a few swimming pools in Central Park just on the beach which were ‘free’ to use. We decided to get the bus back down and spend the afternoon by the pool. I really wouldn’t reccomended doing it – they say that use of the pools are free if you pay for a sunbed but it’s not true – you can pay 40,000 dong to use the sunbeds but you can’t go in the pool. You have to pay 60,000 dong if you want to use the pool and a sunbed. We decided to do it anyway but it was rubbish and the pool’s were full of leaves and bark from the trees which was gross. Later that evening we went out for dinner to ‘Why not Bar & Restuarant’ and had a few drinks. When we got back to the hostel they gave us proper aloe Vera that they had just cut up to put on our sunburn it was heavenly. We also booked another night in Mozjo as we loved it so much and decided to book our bus to Ho Chi Minh City for Saturday morning instead of Friday night.

Friday we booked to go on a days snorkelling trip out at Mun Island as apparently May is the best time of year to go as the waters are so clear. We booked it through our hostel and paid $15 which included a transfer to and from the harbour, a towel, snorkelling equipment, water and lunch. We were picked up at 9 along with two others from our dorm and drove to the harbour. When we got on the boat Mr Thi (pronounced Tea) was getting everyone to put life jackets on and then was shouting ‘don’t worry just for show just for show’ once we pulled out the harbour everyone took them off hahah I do love the health and safety (or lack of) in SE Asia.

It was about a 50 minute journey out to Mun Island and our first snorkelling spot. We had an hour to go snorkelling and sunbathe on the top of the boat. I spent the whole hour in the water it was amazing – the reefs were so pretty and we saw so many fish! After about an hour Mr Thi called us back onto the boat for lunch or should I say banquet. Whilst we had been snorkelling they had been in the kitchen cooking for us – they had pushed all the benches down to make one big table which we all sat around. We each had a plate of noodles and tofu and then in the middle of the table for everyone to share were plates and plates of spring rolls, omelette, squid, rice, some kind of fish with a tomato herb sauce, pork satay and Pak choi. It was delicious!

After lunch we moved to our next snorkelling spot. The water was even more blue than before it was idillic. Not wanting to waste a single second we jumped straight in and started snorkelling. The reefs were amazing, they were so pretty and colourful – we saw starfish, corals and loads of different fish all different sizes and colours. We had load of fun with Daniels GoPro and got some amazing footage. We got back to mainland around 4pm and drove back to our hostel and then walked to Iced Coffee for a cookie caramel cooler 😍 That evening we had no idea where to go for dinner and we couldn’t find the restaurant that our hostel had reccomended so we walked round and round and round before finally deciding to eat at a little place called Chopsticks which was delicious.

Saturday morning we went and had breakfast (included) in the rooftop bar of the hostel before our sleeper bus arrived at 9am to take us to Ho Chi. It was supposed to be a 9 hour journey but it ended up being nearer 12 hours but it was okay as we had wifi and PROPER beds this time unlike our sleeper bus to Vietnam when we were practically in the boot.


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