Kurunegala and Kandy

16th – 17th April 2016

Saturday morning me and Shan got a 4 hour bus to Kurunegala where Sas’s mum, Ramya lives. We got there around 1ish and woah it was HOT. Ramya had made us lunch and oh my god it tasted amazing!

 After lunch we drove to Kandy which took about an hour. We walked around Kandy Lake to the Sri Dalada Maligawa temple also known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic which is a Buddhist temple. We drove back to Kurunegala had another amazing meal – seriously the best food ever. 

Kurunegala is situated 116 meters above sea level and is surrounded by coconut plantations and rubber estates. There are eight large rocks in Kurunegala and 6 of them are named after the animals they are supposed to represent. The largest one is Elephant or Ethagala rock (the translation is actually Tusker). The rock reaches 325 meters and resembles the shape of an elephant. We drove to the top on Sunday morning and The views were absolutely breathtaking. It was definitely one of my favourite things that I have done since I’ve been away. 

Next we drove to see the Rambadagalla Buddhist Statue which is 67.5 ft high and actually the worlds largest. I think it took them 12 years to carve which I am not supprised by – it’s amazing! 

That evening we drove back to Colombo where I stayed at Jay’s house and then he dropped me at the airport early Monday morning as my flight to Bangkok was at 7.20am.

So that’s the end of my adventure in Sri Lanka – it is such an incredible country and I am already planning to go back as I really fell in love with the place and there is so much more to still see! What really made the trip for me though were the people – Sas your family are amazing and really are the kindest people I have ever met. They really looked after me and took me to so many amazing places especially Shan and Jay who literally took me everywhere so thank you thank you thank you!


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