Friday 15th April 2016

We left Colombo early morning Friday and drove down to Galle which is on the south west coast. When we finally arrived in Galle we headed straight to Jungle Beach… which in case you didn’t guess by the name you have to walk through the jungle to get too…

Jungle beach is b e a u t i f u l 


We stayed at the beach for a little while and me and Jay went swimming. We forgot to bring goggles so we couldn’t go snorkelling out by the reef which was a shame but we decided to swim around to the next beach which was really fun but took ages as we were swimming against the waves.

After a few hours we walked back to the car and drove back down into Galle and went and had a drink at the Old Dutch hospital which has now been converted into loads of little restaurants. The architecture in Sri Lanka is really similar to Europe as both us and the Dutch colonised it but still it is really pretty. 

We had a walk along another little beach but didn’t stay long as it was so hot!


We then drove to the other side of Galle and went into a hotel that was on the beach for lunch. I cannot even describe how hot it was, I literally thought that I was about to melt. We stayed here for a few hours until it cooled down a bit (and it really was only a bit) and then drove back to Colombo.

  It was such a nice day and so nice to see another part of Sri Lanka – it is such a beautiful country I would love to go back one day!


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