Bangkok, Thailand

18th – 19th April 2016


Ok so I arrived in Bangkok yesterday lunchtime, got my visa which was ridic easy, SIM card and money and jumped in a taxi straight to my hotel on Khao San Road. We dumped our bags in the room and headed out to get train tickets to Chaing Mai (which I am currently on as we speak). We decided on the 2nd class AC sleeper ticket, leaving Bangkok today at 18.10 and arriving in Chiang Mai at 08.30am tomorrow morning.

I literally haven’t seen any of Bangkok yet as I will be back in 4 weeks to meet Lauren and we have a few days to explore then but right now I wanted to get out of Bangkok asap as I only have 4 weeks to travel northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia sooo was in a rush to get started. We did have this morning to have a look around and we found a really nice restaurant nearby where I had the most amazing Pad Thai ever and then we went for a few beers. 

Earlier on we got a tuk tuk over to the station to catch our overnight train up to Chiang Mai. It’s actually so nice on here (sooo much more spacious than my overnight train in India) Its now 22.15 and everyone is in bed – we still have another 11 hours until we reach Chiang Mai.


The plan is to explore Chiang Mai tomorrow and then go to an elephant sanctuary on Thursday which I am ridiculously excited about!!! I will keep y’all updated.


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