7th – 11th April 2016

So this will probably be my last post about India as I leave early Monday morning for Sri Lanka and I have had a few really chill days so not much to tell you all about!

Thursday morning we left our hotel in Mumbai and got a taxi over to the airport. We all managed to get checked in ok and went through security and headed to the gate but things were just going way too smoothly for India’s liking… As I went to go through the gate they checked the tag which had been put on my hand luggage and for some reason security hadn’t stamped it so they wouldn’t let me through… I was told I had to go to another gate to get it sorted but I was convinced I was going to miss the flight as no one actually knew I hadn’t been allowed through UH OH. As I was running towards the other gate I saw Amy from my tour group and was soooo relieved to see her! We had to empty our bags for the security (they sat there laughing at us manically pulling everything out our bags; I’m sure they just did it for a laugh) and then we ran back to the gate and finally got on the plane FEW! Panic over! Having not long sat down we were told that our flight was delayed and they didn’t know how long it would be until we could take off… Luckily it wasn’t actually too long until we were able to take off but so typical of India!

I knew that I was going to love Goa before we had even arrived at the hotel; the journey was beautiful! I definitely much prefer being out of the big cities! We got to the hotel in Calangute and all headed straight down to the beach. It was quite windy and the waves were massive so we all spent ages in the sea being completely wiped out. 

After a while we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our night out in Baga. We all went out for dinner before heading to a bar. So many of the places we have been have been so strict about alcohol or it’s just been really difficult to go out and drink so it was finally nice to be able to go out to a bar and have a few (slightly more than a few) drinks. After the bar we headed to a club called Mambos which wasn’t very busy as it was a Thursday night which was a shame but it was actually really fun and we all had such a good night. 

When we left the club we decided to go down to the beach which was sooo funny. Everyone was messing around on the beach and going in the water (which was still warm even at 3 in the morning) and trying to drag our guide into the sea as he didn’t like water hahah… As we were leaving the beach he realised he couldn’t find his key for his scooter… We all felt so bad as it was kind of our faults he lost it so we went back down with our phone torches to try and look for the key but with no luck. We all went back to the hotel feeling really bad! (Turns out The next day he went to get a new key cut and just as they handed over the new key the bar we were in came running out as they had found the original key on the floor!)

As me and Sophie were about to go to bed Chat our guide knocked on our door asking for food as he was hungry… Random… Cut a long story short he ended up coming into our room and we all sat out on the balcony until 7 the next morning and watched the sunrise. Most random night ever! Before going to sleep we went down for breakfast and then finally got into bed around 8am – forget all about getting up early to go to the beach I was going no where!! It was such a funny night and by far my favourite night of the whole trip, one I will never forget.  

Finally got out of bed and headed down to the beach around 1ish, which I think was pretty good considering I had 4 hours sleep! I spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the beach and also booked my next hostel (where I currently am now) with two others from my tour. All our group went out for dinner for the last time – we went to a really nice restaurant on the beach. I have loved every second of the tour and have met such an amazing group of people, it has been amazing and it’s really sad that it has come to an end.

This morning I checked out of the hotel that I had been staying in on the tour and got a taxi over to Anjuna with Lauren and Matt to the Red Door Hostel. I have to say first impressions weren’t great so we headed straight down to the beach but actually once we got back from beach we agreed that it really wasn’t that bad (we have just got used to having the luxury of staying in hotels whilst we have been on the tour). We sat around and had a few beers before getting dinner in the little restaurant at the hostel – it’s a hard life I know… The plan was to head to the night bazaar with a few people from the hostel but we were told the wrong directions so we all ended up in a really cool beach shack for a few more drinks. 

So the plan tomorrow is to go and collect my washing from the woman next door, sort out my stuff and then just chill at the hostel for the day before I leave for Sri Lanka on Monday. Oh and India wants to have one last final joke… My flight to Sri Lanka is on Monday at 14.30 and guess what Monday there is a taxi strike all day!!!! I’ve spoken to a taxi driver and the only way I can get to the airport Monday is by leaving the hostel at 4.30am which will mean an 8 hour wait at the airport in Goa but I have no other choice so 8 hour wait it is. Thanks a lot India…

Can’t quite believe my time in India is nearly over, it’s been such a whirlwind and I’ve had the most amazing time ever but I am soooo ready to leave this crazy crazy country! Next time you hear from me I will be in Sri Lanka ready to start a whole new adventure with a load of new stories!


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