2nd – 5th April 2016

Saturday morning we were up at 6.30 ready to leave at 7.30 to catch our 5 hour train to Udaipur. We left our hotel and got a 30 minute jeep to the station. Our train arrived around 8.30 – we already knew that the train had no AC and our seats were going to be benches which made for a really interesting journey, one that I would never want to do EVER again.

The train wasn’t actually as bad as I had expected it to be and at first it was kinda comfy and not too hot but about an hour in and everything changed… the temperature was getting hotter and hotter, my bum was getting number and number and we were all getting sweatier and sweatier. We were literally dripping with sweat so had to keep getting up and standing by the doors to cool down (oh yeah they don’t close the doors so you can just sit with your legs hanging out or whatever haha) It was the worst journey I have had so far in India and to top it all off I suddenly realised I had left my phone charger and plug adapter in the previous hotel (did get it sorted though as my lovely tour guide phoned the hotel and the other tour group have brought it with them to the hotel I am currently staying in woooopwooop)!!!

We arrived at the hotel in Udaipur around 2ish, took our bags to our rooms and cooled off for a bit. At 5 we all met in the lobby to go on our orientation walk. We went to a little painting shop where they did a design on all of our nails. I had a little elephant which looked so cool. We carried on down to Pichola lake where we went on a boat ride as the sun was beginning to set. It is so pretty here in Udaipur.



After this we went for dinner at the Rainbow Café which was a rooftop restaurant  over looking Pichola Lake – the view was incredible. I had a vegetable stir fry (over two weeks now as a vegetarian and still going strong!) which tasted really good. After dinner we carried on drinking (quite a lot) before we left to go back to the hotel. We decided to walk back and ended up getting a little lost and having to ask in a hotel if they could point us in the right direction! Turns out we only took one wrong turn! Some of the locals were out on the streets playing cricket at about midnight and they asked us to join in but I politely declined as I didn’t want to show them all up hahaha 😉 Got back safely though so its all good… it was an adventure if nothing else!


Got up Sunday morning and went down for breakfast. Afterwards we walked up to see the city palace which was really pretty. It was starting to get really really reallllly hot so on the way back we stopped at a little rooftop cafe for a cold drink. After this I was straight back to the pool for the rest of the day. I’m really enjoying my time in Udaipur as we have had loads of free time so I have just been able to chill, sit by the pool and work on my tan! For dinner we went back up to the rainbow cafe as its so nice and I had a mushroom curry with nice and garlic naan.    

So yesterday (Monday) morning I decided to be really lazy and didn’t get out of bed until about 11 (however I had been worken up numerous times throughout the night with dogs fighting, phones ringing and some random banging noise and then to top it all off at 5 the speakers went off calling everyone to prayer). Once I got up I went down by the pool for a few hours… It’s a hard life… before coming back to the room for a shower.

I met up with two people from my group at half 4 and we got a tuk tuk up to the cable cars. We were sat in this cable car for ages and then we finally shouted back to ask what was happening and turns out it had broken down – just what I wanted to hear whilst I’m hanging over a sheer drop! We finally made it to the top safely and the views were absolutely amazing. There was a couple of viewing platforms which gave you 360 views across Udaipur. Every place we go to on this trip just keeps getting better and better!  


Our tour guide, Chat, actually lives in Udaipur and had kindly invited us all round for dinner at his house so we got a tuk tuk back from the cable cars and went over to his house. His wife cooked us the most amazing food – pakoras, dal, rice, Roti and 2 vegetable dishes. Chats wife’s parents were round and we also got to meet his two year old son who was so cute! His father in-law went out and brought us a few bottles of rum so we all sat around drinking and eating. It was such a good night and was so nice to see what family life is like over here. As a little thankyou everyone in the group put in some money and we brought Chat some whiskey, his wife a really beautiful silk scarf and the little boy some sweets. We left about 10 and some of us went and brought some beers and all went into Chats room to drink them. We all sat around drinking and chatting until about 1ish. It was such a lovely evening.

This morning I got up early and packed as we are leaving at 2pm to catch our 7 HOUR BUS to Ahmedabad where we will then catch our overnight train to Mumbai – sounds fun I know… I am currently sat in the Rainbow Cafe having lunch and then we are going to head back to the hotel to check out.

Miss you all lots and will let you know how my bus and overnight train journey goes!!


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