31st March – 1st April

Ok so I am a little behind on my blogs at the moment due to really bad, pretty much non existent Wi-Fi! So I’ve got up super early this morning so that I can catch up with them as requested by Lauren!!

Thursday morning we left Tordi Garh and headed for Pushkar – wow the roads were something else… SO BUMPY. We finally arrived in Pushkar around 2ish. At 5 we all met up to get jeeps into the desert for dinner and watch the gypsy dancing. You could choose to get a camel ride into the desert but it was 1000 rupees which is basically my daily budget and I’ve never really fancied riding a camel anyway so I chose to go in the jeep. The jeeps dropped us off in the middle of this desert and we then had to walk for another 5/10 minutes until we reached the spot we would be spending the evening in. We arrived at the camp and it was beautiful – it was a little raised sand bank surrounded by a fence with a little hut in one corner and a  fire in the other. On the floor were some mats and tables laid out in a L shape for everyone to sit at. We all sat down and the guys started to cook our dinner.


Whilst we were waiting we had a local magician turn up to show us some magic tricks which was really funny. Then they handed out some traditional clothes for us all to try on… I looked like a bloody pineapple in mine but some of the others were really pretty.



Just as the sun was beginning to set they lit the bonfire and then the gypsy dancers turned up. The atmosphere was amazing, a few guys were playing some instruments whilst the girls were dancing. They even got us all up to join in with them which was really funny. There was also a guy who turned up at the end and was dancing with fire and eating and breathing it, it was pretty cool!


Once the dancing had finished they brought us round our dinner and it was delicious. They made a Dal, cauliflower dish, rice, naan and Bati. They also brought us round a sweet bread dessert and a really sweet pancake – both were really nice. It was one of the best meals that I have had so far. After this we headed back to the jeeps which meant a 5/10 minute walk through the desert in the dark!! It was such a good evening, one of my favourite things that I have done on this trip so far.


Friday morning we woke up early for our orientation walk around Pushkar. Pushkar is a really holy city so they do not sell meat or alcohol and you have to be covered up. Our first stop on the walk was Pushkar lake – a sacred lake to the Hindus. We met a priest down by the lake who performed some kind of blessing (I may have got that completely wrong but it went waaaaay over my head) involving holy water, flowers, rice, sugar and paint. After this we walked to the Brahma temple which we all thought was going to be amazing as it is the only one that exists but in my opinion it was pretty basic…


By this point it was getting ridiculously hot so a few of us headed back to the hotel for a pool day. On the way back I brought some tiger balm for 50 rupees and some toilet roll for 40 rupees and the man gave me a little orange silk bag for free to carry it in! I spent the rest of the day by the pool trying to build up my tan. It was so nice to have a chilled day and not be out in the heat doing a lot of walking. In the evening we all went to a restaurant called the sunset café which overlooked Pushkar lake, it was really pretty. We were all craving some western food so most of us had pizzas!

In the morning we were up really early ready to leave for Udaipur which I will tell you all about in my next post (don’t worry Lauren you wont have to wait long I am writing it now especially for you!!)


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