Tordi Garh

30th – 31st March 2016

Early Wednesday morning we left Jaipur in a jeep (with our bags on the roof) ready for a 4 hour journey to Tordi Garh. Tordi Garh is rural village away from all the hustle and bustle that goes on in the towns and cities. We were staying in a family run hotel for the night so to be honest I was expecting a little hut or shack with no electricity or hot water but what we actually turned up too was somthing completely different…

The journey to Tordi Garh was much better than I had expected it to be; I thought the roads were going to be so bumpy and was expecting to be thrown around everywhere but actually it wasn’t too bad (although I was sat on the comfy seats in the front so maybe the journey wasn’t as pleasant for the others in the back of the jeep!) When we pulled up outside the hotel we were all amazed, the hotel was beautiful and nothing like I had expected it to be! We were taken straight upstairs to have lunch which they had cooked for us. We had Dal and Bati with a sweet dessert. After lunch we were shown to our rooms… again they were nothing like I had expected them to be. A few of us had rooms along this pretty little verander overlooking the garden so we all decided to sit outside and sunbathe for a few hours. Our rooms were massive and beautifully decorated! We even had air con (sounds sad but in 38 degree heat it is a must have!!)

In the afternoon a couple of local ladies came to the hotel to do henna. I chose not to get it done as I want to get it in Goa but it looked amazing on the girls that did have it done!

Around 5 we all met downstairs in the hotel as we all decided to go on a jeep safari around the local area, this turned out to be one of my favourite things I have done so far on this trip it was incredible. We all jumped in a few jeeps and headed to our first stop which was an ancient old well. It was really cool and you could climb down all the stones to the bottom (I didn’t risk it as my balance and co-ordination is not the best so didn’t fancy falling 20ft down into the well!)

We jumped back in the jeeps and headed to a tiny little village, on the way 2 little kids jumped on the back of our jeep and wouldn’t get off so they got a free ride to the village! We had a walk through the village and saw all the old clay houses and all the families living there. At one point a group of water buffaloes came past and our guide told us to get back as they can be quite aggressive – as they approached us they saw us and started bucking and running! Glad I was well out the way! It was so interesting to see how they live; they have no running water so we saw two young girls carrying buckets of water back from their nearest well. 
Loads of the kids were running along next to us asking for us to take their picture – I took a really cute picture of three little boys but the one on the left looks like a devil and started trying to grab my camera and pressing all the buttons… little shit! 
The next stop was an old dam which doesn’t have water in anymore. It was such an incredible view and the sun was jut starting to set. I didnt realise India was so beautiful. It was so refreshing to see some of rural India rather than the dirty, crowded and littered streets in some of the cities and towns. 
Our last stop was the sand dunes – we climbed up to the top of one (which was really bloody hard and my lungs nearly collapsed!) and sat and watched the sunset. The guys who were driving the jeeps had brought some masala chai tea for us to have. It was such a perfect moment and one that I will never forget. No photo will ever do the view justice.

Once the sun had set we walked back down the dunes, which may I add was much easier than on the way up, and went back to the hotel. We went up on to the roof to have dinner which had been cooked for us by the people at the hotel. The food was soooo good! We all stayed up drinking beers and listening to music. There was another tour group staying at the same time as us and they had a crazy Irish girl who turned the music right up and kept shouting ‘who’s ready to paaaartttttty’ … So random as we were literally in the middle of no where but hey! At one point there was a power cut and we were in complete darkness. We all sat in silence looking up at the stars, it was just incredible. 
In the morning we got up early and went for a walk around the village. It was so cool to explore a little rural village and made such a change from all the big cities! We went to a guys house who makes clay pots and he showed us how he does it, it was so clever! 
After the walk we went back to the hotel and got straight in the jeeps and left for Pushkar, which I will tell you alllll about in my next post… It’s gunna be a good one!!!!


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