28th – 29th March 2016

I arrived in Jaipur yesterday afternoon and I have just had the best time ever! I absolutely love it here. We are staying at the Jaipur Inn which is a family run hotel and is so cute. It has a really nice outside patio area with chairs and tables and a ping pong table so we have been chilling out there in the evening. They also have a rooftop terrace which I haven’t actually been up to yet but apparently its really nice.

Around 5 once it had cooled down we went for a walk around the spice markets.  It smelt un-real! There were so many different spices it was amazing! At one point our guide told us to cover our noses as they were grinding some of the spices – even though we did we still all started coughing! As we were stood looking at the spices a cow just randomly came walking down the pavement! They are everywhere; laying in the roads, walking down the streets – it’s so funny to see them they are just not phased at all by all the traffic and people!

After the market we found a little vegetarian restaurant where I had my first Thali which tasted so good! I had rice, Dal, mixed vegetables and some Roti. 
This morning we left the hotel at 9 to go and visit the Amber Palace. We got a tuk tuk to the bottom of the hill and then we had to walk up the rest of the way. The scenery was incredible. 
The Amber Fort itself was so beautiful and had the most stunning views across some of Jaipur. We had a guide take us round the palace and tell us all about it so that was really interesting.

After the Amber Palace we went and saw The Water Palace in the middle of a lake which was really pretty. 
Then we headed to a block printing shop where they showed us how they make all the scarfs, sheets and clothes which was really interesting. We had a look round the shop and lots of people brought things but I couldn’t really find anything I wanted so didn’t bother as I will have so many more opportunities to buy things. 
A few of us then chose to head to the Observatory (Jantar Mantar) which is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments. Surprisingly this was really interesting and our guide took us round each instrument and showed us how they would have been used. 

We decided to head back to the hotel as it was ridiculously hot and we wanted a shower. I’m now just sat in the hotel and shortly me and Clare are going to go down and have a look around the markets before meeting up with the others for dinner.

 Tomorrow we are leaving Jaipur and heading to a village called Tordi Garh for the night. It’s a chance to experience a more rural side of India and they will be cooking us a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. I won’t have any wifi there but once I get to Pushkar I will let you all know how it was!


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