Holi Festival, Delhi

24th March 2016

I was so excited when I found out that I would be in India for Holi Festival, however, it hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations…

The hostel had a little event going on this morning up on the rooftop with a traditional breakfast and music. We brought water balloons yesterday so started having a water fight with the locals on the building opposite us which was really funny. Then the paint/powder came out and we were all running around covering each other in paint and water which was really good fun. 



At around 12 we went down to the street to join in with the locals… in my opinion this is where it got ruined – most of the men had already been drinking since early this morning and were being really annoying. Every other person wanted a picture with me… fine… but then they wouldn’t let go of you and would put loads of paint in your eyes and mouth and were just really rough. 

We headed down to the main bazaar which wasn’t really a good idea as all the local men kept grabbing and pushing us and pelting us with water balloons and paint. At one point about 15 guys surrounded me and the girl I was with and were just pushing and shoving us all whilst trying to get a picture. We quickly made our way back to the hostel and went back up onto the rooftop and just hung out with people from the hostel. Not everyone was like this and there some really lovely locals that came over and wished us a happy Holi and put some powder on us and the kids were really sweet.


I’m glad I was in India to experience Holi but I wouldn’t rave about it, but it is another thing ticked off my bucket list so I can’t complain! The hostel were so good though and made the day really fun and even cooked us all lunch.

I have another day on my own in Delhi so me and a girl I have just met are going to go out and see the red fort and India gate and maybe get the metro a bit further out and tick off some of the sights and then on Saturday I start my tour with g-adventures which I m really excited about so I will have loads to tell you all!


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