What’s in my backpack?

After reading so many peoples posts about what’s in their backpack I thought I would share with you what’s in mine. I have been buying bits and pieces for months now, but with Christmas just gone I *think* I finally have everything…


 Rucksack – My rucksack is a 60L + 20L rucksack and detachable daypack from Mountain Warehouse.  It has so many cool features, a few being that it comes with a rain cover, has a flight cover, adjustable back system and a divisible main compartment. I also love the fact that you can open it fully and not just from the top which will make my life ALOT easier!


Airport Bag – Although my rucksack technically has a flight cover I still wanted one that would completely encase my rucksack so that I could padlock it shut. I got mine as a present but you can get one from most outdoors/travel websites and stores such as Gap year travel  .

Bum Bag – Handy if you only want to take a few bits out with you like a camera and some money. I will be using mine for nights out (when I’m drunk and cant be responsible for keeping hold of my bag… whoops)


Walking boots – After changing my mind soooo many times I finally decided that I am going to take walking boots with me. With no real plan of what I am going to be doing I just thought ‘why not?’. I got mine from Go outdoors.


Sandals, Flip-flops and Trainers – I am taking a cheap pair of Primark sandals for the beach and evenings. I also desperately wanted a pair of Havaianas (which I got for xmas 🙂 ). I have a pair of Roshe Run trainers (which are super comfy) for everyday activities.



Bottoms – I don’t want to take too many clothes with me so I am sticking to a few pairs of shorts and a pair of harem trousers.


Tops – Again I don’t want to take too much stuff with me as I’m sure I will buy loads out there so I am taking a mixture of tops for the day and evening. I have a halter neck top, a crop top, a few vest tops and a floaty long sleeved top.


Dresses – I have a couple of floaty dresses, a playsuit and a body con dress.


Swimwear – I may have gone a little OTT here but never mind ;). I am taking 5 bikinis (you can never have too many, plus they were in the sale so its fine!) and a swimming costume.


Jackets – Its going to be hot most places I go but when I get to New Zealand it will be winter so I need a few bits to keep me warm. I have a thin lightweight jumper, a waterproof coat which is from Sports Direct and a really cool lightweight jacket which rolls up into a small bag from Primark!


Misc – Socks, underwear and a hat!

Useful Bits

Mosquito Net
Microfibre Towels
(compact, light and dry quickly)
Sleeping Liner
(in case a hostel isn’t so clean)
Bin bags
Sewing Kit
Sink Plug
Multi tool
Head torch
Water bottle
Travel Wash
Washing Line


Toiletries and First aid

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash ect..
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Sun cream and after sun
Toilet roll/tissue, wet wipes, handgel
Pain relief
Anti-sickness tablets
Insect repellent
Mini scissors
Tangle Teaser
(mine is from Topshop)
Hair grips and bands
Make-up brushes
Foundation, powder and mascara



Phone charger
Memory sticks (to back up my photos)
Tablet (Windows Connect 10″)
Tablet charger
Plug Adapter
Headphone splitter
Go Pro Hero 3+



Document Wallet
Passport Photos
Driving Licence
Flight Details
Tour Details
Insurance Policy
Bank Card
Spare Currency
P45 and CV (for Aus)
Student Travel Card
Proof of Vaccinations

So there you go, that’s everything that will be going in my rucksack and coming with me around the world.

I haven’t actually tried packing it all yet to see if it fits but with only 71 days to go I will soon find out!

p.s – my mum brought me this really cool case for when I get back from travelling so that I have somewhere to keep all my souvenirs, photos and memory’s in.


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