My ‘To-Do’ List

With less than three months to go I thought I would share my to-do list that I made when I first decided to go travelling. Turns out I have been really organised getting all the exciting stuff sorted like booking my flights and travel passes but not so organised with all the boring (but really important) stuff like visa’s and insurance.

 ✓First on my list was Flights – I booked these through STA Travel. I didn’t want to book expensive flights so stuck to budget airlines.

✓ Whilst I was in STA booking my flights I decided to book onto a 15 day tour in India with G-Adventures. The tour I chose was ‘Uncover India’ which starts in Delhi and finishes in Goa. As a first time traveller I decided that it would be a good idea to join an organised tour for the first part of my trip before going solo.

 ✓ Before I start my 15 day tour with G-Adventures in India I have 5 days on my own. I wanted to get my first 4 nights’ accommodation booked so that I have somewhere to go when I arrive. I booked a hostel called ‘Zostel’ (check out my post to find all about Zostel).

Backpack,clothes and essentials – I have nearly got everything that I will be taking with me from clothes and shoes to mosquito nets and sleeping liners. In my next post I will be showing you what’s in my backpack.

For me booking a Kiwi Experience Travel Pass was a no brainer as it’s such a cheap, flexible way of travelling round New Zealand. I chose the ‘Hokey Pokey’ pass which I brought when it was on sale by 58% so only cost me £273.19 instead of £750ish!! It also includes a day trip to Milford Sound with a 2 hour boat cruise. I am starting in Auckland and finishing in Christchurch.

 *Yawn* Time for the boring stuff (which I haven’t done yet.. whoops)

✖ Travel Insurance – I haven’t actually got travel insurance yet and probably wont until the last minute as im not looking forward to spending a couple a hundred pounds on something as boring as insurance so I keep putting it off… buuut I know that its really important so I will get round to it at some point ha ha.

✖ Another thing I am not looking forward to is getting my vaccinations – I need to ring my Doctors and book an appointment so they can advise me on what vaccinations will be best for me.
Here’s a useful link to give you an idea what jabs you may need:

VISA’s – Another boring yet essential item on my to-do list. Here’s a list of the places that I’m going and whether or not I will need a visa:

India – Single entry visa: You can apply up to 30 days before your date of entry.

Sri Lanka – Tourist Visa with double entry for 30 days: Visa is valid for 3 months from date of issue.

Thailand ✓✖ (Not sure) You are granted a 30 day free visa when you arrive in Thailand. If you leave Thailand and come back via a land border you are granted a further 13 days (I think). Alternatively you can obtain a double entry tourist visa for £50 which is valid for 3 months from date of issue. I am going to be arriving in Bangkok for a few days before leaving for Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. I will then be coming back into Thailand via a land border and staying in Thailand for a further 3 weeks, soooo if anyone knows what I should do about a visa please do let me know as I am clueless!

Cambodia You can get a VOA at the border.

Vietnam You are granted 15 days without a visa for tourism.

Laos  You can get a VOA at the border.

Indonesia (Bali)  You can enter the country for up to 30 days without a visa (you have to enter and exit through certain airports though)

New Zealand  You have 6 months to stay without a visa as a tourist.

Australia  You can apply for a working holiday visa which is valid for a year from date of issue and a further year once you enter the country. You can also apply for a second year working visa.

Check out the GOV UK website for advice on all visas:

I still have other bits to sort out like getting a new sim card, finding a suitable cash card and cancelling gym memberships, phone contracts ect but the things on the above list were/are my main priorities.

>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<

Here are some sites worth checking out: – Head over to the STA website to book flights, accommodation, tours and lots more! You can also book an appointment to see a travel advisor in store! – Take a look at the tours G-Adventures has to offer, the have thousands of options, there really is something for everyone. – Check out all the travel passes Kiwi Experience have to offer!


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