10 reasons why I’m looking forward to travelling


  1. Making new friends
    I can’t wait to meet new people from all different cultures and backgrounds and swap stories and experiences.

  3. The backpacking experience
    I always get asked ‘how are you going to live out of a backpack?’ and ‘will it not bother you staying in hostels?’ the answer is no. Honestly, the thought of not having to do my makeup every day or straighten my hair or spend hours choosing what to wear only to hate every item that I own is just so appealing to me. I can’t wait to have only a few outfits scrunched up at the bottom of my bag to choose from and to wear my hair in messy braids every single day (now to me that sounds like heaven) The thought of hostels don’t bother me one bit either, quite the opposite actually! I’m not bothered about having a comfy bed, a private luxury room or room service. By staying in hostels I will meet so many people and save so much money (money that I can then spend on more activities ect) so to me those things are way more important than a comfy bed.

  5. Being out of my comfort zone
    Although I am so excited to be going and I’m not scared at all I know that this trip is really going to put me out of my comfort zone (but in a good way). I think it will really improve my confidence as it will put me in situations that I wouldn’t normally find myself in.

  7. Getting a tan!!!
    So this might sound stupid but I absolutely LOVE having a tan – everyone just looks so much better! I am determined to get the best tan ever – the more sun I can get the better

  9. Working in Australia
    By the time I reach Australia I will be pretty low on money so first thing will be to look for a job in Melbourne. I’m really not fussy about what I do as at the end of the day I just want to earn some money so that I can continue travelling and not have to come home! If I do stay for the whole 2 years on my working visa I am sure I will end up having quite a few different jobs but the one thing I am desperate to do is work on a farm. It just couldn’t be more different from my 9-5 office job that I currently have and I just think it would be an amazing experience.

  11. Doing things I wouldn’t normally do
    I can’t wait to ditch my 9-5 routine and swap it for endless adventures, tropical beaches, treks and safari’s and so much more it’s unreal. When I was writing my bucket list I realised how many things I want to do but I have hardly done any of it so I am determined to change that and get loads crossed off my bucket list.

  13. Seeing more of the world
    I love going on holiday; I love sitting in the airport waiting for your flight, I LOVE flying (probably the best part of the holiday) and I never want to come home! So going travelling with no idea when I will be coming back just couldn’t get more perfect. Although I haven’t actually left Europe I still have been to and seen some amazing places but now I want to see more of the world and visit places that are just so different from anything I know.

  15. The Challenge
    So a while back I was going to apply for the TV show ‘The Island’ with Bear Grylls which I didn’t end up doing as it fell whilst I was travelling, anyway, when I was filling out the application form it asked for the most challenging thing you had ever done… I just couldn’t think of anything interesting or anything that had really challenged me that was worth even mentioning. There are going to be so many things that challenge me whilst I am away (even just the things like language barriers, getting from A to B and cultural differences) but they will make for the best stories and then maybe when I get back I can finally apply for ‘The Island’!!

  17. The Food
    I can’t wait to try so many different dishes and especially the street food! Everyone that I have spoken to that have been travelling have said how amazing it is.

  19. The Beaches
    The beaches in places like Thailand and Bali look so beautiful – I will be taking LOADS of pictures. I also can’t wait to hang out at the beach after work and at weekends when I get to Australia.

3 thoughts on “10 reasons why I’m looking forward to travelling

  1. natashasturnforadventuretime says:

    Reading your posts makes me think of myself before starting my trip! I am so so excited for you to begin your journey, I’ve been out three months already and it’s amazing. Love your reasons! Honestly – Hostels really aren’t too bad if you get a half decent one, I guess I’m in Asia but fingers crossed. It also feels amazing not wearing makeup, I can look at myself comfortably now without makeup on haha xx


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