My round the world trip

Where I’m going  

On March 21st 2016 I will be leaving England for good (only joking mum I promise I’ll come back) and heading to my first stop India. I am flying out from Heathrow Airport at 21.00, stopping in Muscat around 08.00 and then on to Delhi where I should arrive around 15.00.

I will be staying in a hostel for 4 nights when I arrive until Saturday 26th where I will join the start of my tour with G-Adventures for the next 15 days, travelling from Delhi – Goa and stopping at Agra, Jaipur, Tordi Sagar, Pushkar, Udaipur and Mumbai.

delhi to goa

When my tour is over I will be flying to Sri Lanka for a week before heading off to Thailand for 2 months! I am going to be flying into Bangkok for a few days before I head up north to Chiang Mai. From there I am going to travel round through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Then I am heading back to Bangkok (to meet Lauren!!) before we travel south and go island hopping!

koh tao

From there I will head to Bali for 3 weeks where I will meet Daniel, Mum and a few others! Then its on the next flight to New Zealand for 6 weeks, where for the first time in 5 months it will be winter! I have already told Mum to save space in her case for some warm clothes for me!!


My last stop is the one I’m most excited about – Australia where I will stay for a year (and possibly a second) on my working visa, travelling the east coast and exploring the outback.

ayers rock 2


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